About Me

Hi, I’m David.

2022 UPDATE: I wrote this like 3 years ago and really need to update it but I don’t have time to, so I’d like to introduce you to 20-year-old David.

Some of you may know me as Rosie, or a number other of hockey-related nicknames.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to put the “About me” section on my website.

This page is about nothing but me. My ego is salivating.

First off, some official things:

I am a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT), a certified online trainer through the Online Trainer Academy (OTC), and a Certified Speed & Agility Coach through the National Sports Performance Association.

Currently I am part-owner of Roman Fitness Systems and the head editor for Pro Hockey Strength, the official website of the NHL strength coaches (Yeah, the NHL).

For over two years I worked at a gym near my hometown in Vermont called Fit 2 Excel. There I ran most of our youth classes, as well as many of our adult classes, on top of being a one-on-one personal trainer to people from the ages of 11 to 65. 

Last hockey season (2018-2019), I was the strength coach of the Vermont Lumberjacks junior hockey teams. I ran all the workouts for both teams.

Last summer (2019) I interned with Devan McConnell (now with the New Jersey Devils) and the Umass Lowell men’s ice hockey team. 

I’ve also worked as a tutor and a substitute teacher.

I currently live in Manhattan where I’m working for fitness legend John Romaniello and studying at the Gallatin School at New York University.

There. That should do it. Now onto something a bit more personal.

Who is this David guy, and what the hell does he know?

That, my friend, is a wonderful question. Quite frankly, I’m still trying to figure out the answer myself.

I grew up in the small town of Jericho, Vermont. I was one of those sporty kids, but I also lowkey highkey really liked school. In 4th grade I played chess every day at lunch, and at night I did all those sporty kid things.

Chess player and book consumer by day, hockey and baseball player by night sums up my childhood.

At a young age I got into fitness. When I was 11, I did a summer camp at the gym I later worked out, Fit 2 Excel. [Link to V-cute insta post about this.] I started to grow in the gym and as an athlete, and in my early adolescence spent my free time watching fitness videos and reading blogs. At 15, as my hockey career continued onto the junior level, my life began to revolve around athletics. 

I became obsessed. By high school, my friends were asking me for gym guidance and programs.

After high school, I decided to take time off from school and continue playing hockey, which led to an incredible job opportunity at Fit 2 Excel. I got certified the DAY after graduating high school.

At Fit 2 Excel I was immediately thrust into teaching adult classes, youth classes, and one on one personal training clients. I gained experience training people of all ages, in groups of all sizes. I received an incomparable real world education.

Throughout my time off from formal education–I was learning so much that one gap year turned into two–I traveled to Spain, El Salvador, Australia, and back to Spain again. Through these travels I became a fluent Spanish speaker. 

Once hockey season ended after my first gap year, became a substitute teacher. There I uncovered how similar the classroom environment is from a coaching environment. It helped me refine my teaching style with clients and groups in the gym.

My last season of junior hockey with the Lumberjacks, I was also the strength coach. I ran the workouts for both teams, including my own team–crazy.

Last summer, 2019, I interned with Devan McConnell and the Umass Lowell men’s hockey team, working with some of the best athletes at the pinnacle of college hockey. I had the privilege of being mentored by Devan, one of (in my slightly biased opinion) the best strength coaches in the nation. 

Knowing Devan (and my writing and business acumen) allowed me to eventually connect with several NHL strength coaches. Now, I’m the head editor of their website.

So yeah, I’m a fitness guy I guess. But really, my true passion is learning, and coaching has been my outlet to express that. 

I’m enamored with the learning process, whether that’s learning languages, improving sports performance, helping kids with math, or improving my own writing. The similarities across fields, and how I can apply the same principles to anything is what keeps me excited for each new opportunity.

This love for learning developed into a desire to communicate what I learn in the best way possible. I needed look no further than the written word. Writing sharpens my thinking and provides the perfect outlet to organize and share my ideas. Anytime I think I have a clear thought, I write about it, and it always exposes holes in my processes. Writing has transposed into the cornerstone of my learning philosophy, my business, and my thinking. I loved writing so much that I sought out a writing mentor, the delightful John Romaniello, who has since turned into my greatest teacher, my Obi-Wan Kenobi through an apprenticeship.

My varying and broad interests are why I’ve decided to pursue a unique program at New York University.

So really, I’m a normal guy from a small town, who’s trying to learn and soak in as much as this life has to offer. I really have no fucking idea what’s next, but I know whatever it will be, I will seek to learn as much as I can from it. I’m so excited for the journey ahead, and I hope you join me on this amazing adventure.

Un abrazo,


P.S. Not that any of this is relevant to you, but here’s some more things about me, if you want to hang out or something.

I love punk rock and concerts. I poorly play the guitar, and sing in front of my dog. My favorite bands include (in order) A Day to Remember, State Champs, Neck Deep, blink-182, Paramore, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, and The Story So Far. 

I thoroughly prefer speaking Spanish over English, so if you’re a Spanish speaker hmu. I tell my friends that my long-term plan is to move to Seville and marry a Spanish girl.

I believe the Harry Potter books stand among the greatest books ever written. Anybody who doesn’t like them hasn’t actually read them. If you’re romantically interested, this may be a dealbreaker for me. I’m a proud Ravenclaw and member of Dumbledore’s Army.

In my free time I crush books. My favorite authors include Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday, Truman Capote, Jonathan Lethem, and J.D Salinger (Catcher in the Rye is my all-time favorite book). 

I am a New York Yankees and New York Rangers fan. Derek Jeter was my childhood hero. If you’re a Red Sox fan we can still be friends though.

As a true Vermonter, I bring real maple syrup with me everywhere, so don’t be surprised when I whip it out at brunch.

The secret to my heart is fried plantains, and it’s the main reason I go to El Salvador.

Don’t be surprised if we quickly start talking about the meaning of life and the root of our political opinions. I enjoy conversation that makes me question everything I know.

I may be a city boy now, but Vermont will always be home. You can’t kick up the roots.

Most importantly, I’m incredibly lucky to come from an amazing, privileged family, who always gave me everything I needed to pursue my interests. I have amazing friends all around the world, and have had two amazing dogs, Denali and Chester.